Money-Tel Free Airtime for Telecel, Econet and Net-One


Money-Tel is a Pyramid Money scheme that promises you to never buy airtime again if you sell sufficient airtime to friends and family whilst earning anything from $800 to $6000.

Well, I once warned you about Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Schemes as these are disguised Pyramid Schemes. You can read one of my articles about the dangers of MLMs here.

TechZim also has an article about this scheme and you can read about it here as well.

You can also visit the Money Tel website and find out more about it here.

However, you need to ask yourself why should you pay a joining fee to start with? And that Joining fee will not be converted to airtime nut will promote the “pyramid nature” of the scheme so that you seem to appear to be “earning more”.  Trust me such business models always collapse.

Besides how many airtime vendors do we have and how many are making close to $6000 a month. Besides by joining, you are increasing the number of vendors thereby decreasing demand of the commodity.. or increasing supply!

You can read an article about pyramid money schemes I wrote here and here

Please do not get robbed but if you feel you have to, pay a visit to Money-Tel and get started.


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